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Who does the News Media Guild represent?
A majority of NMG members are editorial and technology workers for The Associated Press. Editorial staff at The Guardian-US joined The Guild in 2015, nearly a decade after their counterparts at EFE News Service. With Intelligence (formerly Pageant Media) joined in 2020, Democracy Works and Oxford University Press in 2021, and the Financial Times in 2022.

Why should I join?
Joining The Guild is one of the easiest actions you can take to help make our workplaces better places to work. We are journalists and technicians. We are nonprofit workers working to make our democracy better. We work in book publishing and value education and knowledge.
We need your help to stand strong in our advocacy for pay commensurate to the value we bring our organizations, and we need your commitment in fighting for better working conditions.

How much are dues, and how do I pay it?
Dues are 1.625% of your monthly gross salary — it works out to about two of the hours you're paid for each month. We are a bare-bones operation, with most of the work done on a volunteer basis by our colleagues.

What are my dues used for?
Local 31222 has just two fully paid staff — administrator Kevin Keane and office manager Ana Tesfaye. They handle the nitty gritty of communicating with AP management, as well as making sure the contract is honored and advocating for individual members. They also ensure we comply with federal labor law and handle administrative tasks — like paying taxes in all 50 states. Plus they coordinate with our parent union, the News Guild, and support our other dues-paying units: The Guardian US, EFE News Service and UPI. A percentage of our dues goes to the parent union, which sends a good chunk of it back to support organizing and mobilizing. For example, we share the cost with the News Guild of a union negotiator.

I'm convinced, how can I sign up?
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